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How to start with iOS device

Short guide

iOS part
  1. Find the RoboCORE app at the Apple AppStore and install.
Hardware part
  1. Connect your RoboCORE to the power supply and then press the POWER button to start RoboCORE.
  2. Turn on Internet connection and Bluetooth in your smartphone.
  3. Open RoboCORE app on iPhone/iPad and wait. RoboCORE device should be visible soon. Just select this.
  4. In iOS RoboCORE app you can see available WiFi networks, for RoboCORE (with Edison inside*). Select one of the available Wi-Fi network and enter password.
  5. After a while you will see on iPhone/iPad screen: “navigate to on your computer and enter this code XXXXXX ”. This code will be used in the next step.

* - if the Intel Edison is not installed in your RoboCORE, please read the instructions here: Assembling the Intel Edison module

Registering RoboCORE on Cloud platform
  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Click “Add robot” button and follow the instructions.

For further instuctions how to use cloud platform go to Husarion Cloud

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