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How to start with Android device

Short guide

Android part
  1. Install RoboCORE.apk package on your smartphone. You can download it from
  2. You can also find the “RoboCORE” app at the Google Play store
Hardware part
  1. Connect your RoboCORE to the power supply and then press the POWER button to start RoboCORE.
  2. Turn on Internet connection in your smartphone.
  3. Connect your smartphone to RoboCORE to the UC port (“USB Core”, the farther one from the PCB).
  4. The RoboCORE application should start now and show the registration code.
Registering RoboCORE on Cloud platform
  1. Go to and log in.
  2. If you have a registration code displayed on your smartphone, click “Add robot” button and follow the instructions.

For further instuctions how to use cloud platform go to RoboCORE Platform

Please remember that you cannot use both Android device and Edison module to connect with the RoboCORE Platform.
The registration code in RoboCORE app will not be shown if your RoboCORE is already associated with any account.
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