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hSensor port

RoboCORE is equipped with five hSensor ports.

The hSensor is intended to be used with many different sensors, such as spatial orientation sensors (MPU9150-module for RoboCORE), light sensors, sound sensors, limit switches and many others.

This port is compatible with LEGO® MINDSTORMS® sets (if you are worried about connector compatibility please have a look here: hMotor and hSensor connectors).

Each hSensor port contains three basic elements:

An Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) channel. The full range is 0 – 3.3V. There is a permanent pull-up connected directly to the input pin and switched current source. The alternative function is interrupt input.

An auxiliary 5V supply output dedicated to supplying the sensor circuit. The maximum current is not limited for each port, but due to the 5 V line total current limit, I recommend keeping the current below 50mA. If you are sure that the total 5V current will not exceed 2A, you can go higher, up to 500mA.

2 digital inputs/outputs. Additionally, some of the hSensor ports have a hardware UART interface assigned to these IO’s, and some others have a hardware I2C interface. If you want UART or I2C, please check in the software documentation which physical ports to use.

hSensor pin Software name Default function Alternative function
1 pin1 GPIO External Interrupt input A/D Converter input
2 - GND (ground)
3 - GND (ground)
4 - +5V output
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