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Assembling the Intel Edison module

Disassembly the RoboCORE case

Of course, if you ordered RoboCORE with case :)

  1. Disconnect all wires from RoboCORE.
  2. Unscrew 3 bolts from the bottom side of RoboCORE. (blackened, countersink M3x14 bolts)
  3. Take out the RoboCORE PCB from the case.

Insert the Intel Edison

Be careful - there is a very, very small electronic component close to one of holes on the Edison board. It is easy to damage it using screwdriver or other tools.

Intel Edison must be installed directly to RoboCORE board, within the “Wireless module” border:

When assembling an Intel® Edison module, handle the Intel® Edison module by the PCB edges. Avoid holding or exerting pressure to the shields. To mate the Intel® Edison board to the RoboCORE board, apply pressure directly above the connector. Please do not finish at this point - read below how to fasten the Edison to the RoboCORE board.

Fastening the screws

Just after you insert the Edison module to the RoboCORE, it shall be fastened to the main RoboCORE board with 2 screws. Otherwise the connector can be easily damaged. See the picture below and follow the steps. Screws are included in each RoboCORE kit.

  1. Slip the spacer under one of holes
  2. Put the 1.6x6mm screw into the hole (from the Edison side)
  3. Tighten the nut on the other side of RoboCORE PCB
  4. Tighten the bolt stronger using screwdriver. Holding the nut on the other side by fingers is sufficient.
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for the second hole

Removing the Intel Edison

If you need to remove Intel Edison from RoboCORE, just unscrew the bolts and take out the Edison, the only thing to remember is shown below:

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