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What's in the box?

The basic package includes:

  • RoboCORE 1.0
  • Battery pack for 6x AA cells
  • 16- and 6-conductor flat cables for hExt
  • 6 pieces of 6-conductor cables (6P6C) for hMotor/hSensor
  • PMMA plate - mechanical adapter for connecting with LEGO® bricks (only Kickstarter edition)
  • Intel(R) Edison (only versions with Intel® Edison)
  • A RoboCORE sticker (only Kickstarter edition)
  • a ziplock bag which contents are described on the photo:

RoboCORE 1.0

Can be provided with or without plastic case. All RoboCORE for Kickstarter backers comes with the white plastic case.

Battery pack

RoboCORE comes with two types of battery pack. If you ordered a Ralph robot kit, we provide 2 pieces of 3xAA battery holder that can be mounted to the Ralph chassis. In other cases you will find one 6xAA battery holder.

Flat cables for hExt

The 16-conductor signal cable and 6-conductor power cable are used to connect additional modules to the hExt extension port. It can be the hExt stripboard, Servo driver and other modules.

6-conductor cables with 6P6C RJ plugs

The basic package contains:

  • 4 LEGO® compatible cables to connect LEGO motors or sensor with RoboCORE
  • 2 normal cables to connect e.g. hMotor/hSensor stripboards

Here you can find more info about cables.

PMMA plate

Mechanical adapter for connecting with LEGO® bricks. It comes only with Kickstarter edition. You can use 4x M3*16 bolts (included in the string bag) to assembly the PMMA plate with RoboCORE case.

Ziplock bag

hExt stripboard

The hExt and hMotor/hSensor stripboards are designed to connect third-party modules or develop your own modules compatible with RoboCORE. The connectors are not soldered to the stripboards - you have to do it yourself. Be aware of the IDC16 and IDC06 connectors orientation - the picture below shows how they shall be oriented. It also shows the connections between solder points.

What you can build with hExt stripboard? There are some examples:

  • mini-keyboard module when you solder a few buttons
  • 8-LED light bar
  • adapter for alphanumeric display (e.g. 16×2 characters - must be 3.3V compatible)
  • adapter for radio transceiver for controlling your robot remotely but without using Wi-Fi
  • adapter for third-party sensor

hExt signals description is available on hExt page.

hMotor/hSensor stripboard

The connector is included but you also have to solder it yourself. It only fits one way.

What you can build with hExt stripboard?

  • adapter for third-party sensor
  • adapter for third-party motor (you can use two stripboards to connect bipolar stepper motor)
  • board for building your own sensor
  • connect a high-power relay to hMotor output

hSensor/hMotor signals description are available on hSensor and hMotor pages.

M3 bolts

4 pieces of M3x16 bolts used for mount RoboCORE together with PMMA plate, Ralph chassis or other flat surfaces.

Intel Edison mounting kit
  • 2x M1.6 bolt
  • 2x M1.6 nut
  • 2x spacer

Used for mounting Intel® Edison to the RoboCORE PCB (inside the white, plastic case). Visit this page for more details.

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