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Edison update guide

In some cases it may be helpful or necessary you to perform the Edison firmware update. There are 2 methods to do this. The online method is easier and faster. Choose the offline method if you are not able to do the online update (e.g. you are not able to connect with the Platform).

Online update via RoboCORE Platform

You need:


  1. Turn on RoboCORE and wait for booting the system on Edison module.
  2. Login to the Husarion Cloud -
  3. Turn on RoboCORE. When Edison will boot up, it should be visible as “Online” on the platform.
  4. On the platform, expand the menu of the robot with Edison module.
  5. Click More.
  6. Click Update firmware.
  7. Click Trigger firmware update. Download of the new file will begin now.
  8. When the file will be completely downloaded, the 'Reboot' button will show. Click it.
  9. Wait 2…4 minutes (don't disconnect power during this time!).
  10. After this time you should see the message Edison has been updated succesfully.

Now you can use the updated system or turn off RoboCORE.

Offline update via USB flash drive

You need:

  • RoboCORE with Intel Edison module
  • USB flash drive (even 256MB shall be enough)


  1. Copy this file on the pendrive and change its filename to “update.tar”
  2. Make sure that RoboCORE is turned off.
  3. Connect the pendrive to the “UE” port (the name of port comes from “USB Edison”).
  4. Turn on RoboCORE, the PWR diode shall light orange color (the PWR LED is green when the RoboCORE is working and orange when the Edison is working in the steady state).
  5. Wait one minute.
  6. During this time the PWR diode should turn from orange to green for about 0.7s. It means that the system has rebooted and run again updated. The update process is finished.

If the red PWR diode is permanently turned on - something gone wrong. Please try to repeat the procedure one or two times more. If the problem is still ocurring, please contact or visit our community forum:

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