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If you have bought Edison with Husarion RoboCORE, you don't need to follow this guide - the software is already installed.

You will need:

  • a computer with Linux (Windows support coming soon)
  • and either:

Hardware setup

RoboCORE and A-A usb cable

  • Disconnect power from Robocore (it will be powered via A-A cable)
  • Put a jumper on pins “Edison USB device mode”
  • Put Edison in the “Wireless module” area
  • Connect Edison USB port using A-A cable to your computer. The power LED should light up.

Breakout Kit/Board/Sparkfun Block

  • Put Edison in the kit
  • If using Ardiuno Breakout Kit, switch OTG toggle to OTG/Device Mode (flip it to the side of the MicroUSB port)
  • Connect MicroUSB cable to the USB-OTG port of the board and other side to your computer.

Software setup


Installation and compilation needed software: (tested on Ubuntu 15.10 32-bit and 64-bit)

wget "" -Oxfstk-dldr-linux-source-1.8.1.tar.gz
tar -xf xfstk-dldr-linux-source-1.8.1.tar.gz
cd xfstk-build/linux-source-package/

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install build-essential cmake libxml2-dev libusb-1.0.0-dev libboost-all-dev libqt4-dev qt4-qmake doxygen libusb-dev dfu-util

export BUILD_VERSION=0.0.0  

sudo ln -s /usr/lib/*/libusb.a /usr/lib/libusb.a
cmake .
make -j4 xfstk-dldr-solo
sudo rm /usr/lib/libusb.a
sudo cp ./ancillary/configure/core/downloader-solo/xfstk-dldr-solo /usr/local/bin/

Download and unpack Edison image:

mkdir edison-image && cd edison-image

Flash image into Edison


cd edison-image
sudo bash ./

Shortly after running this command, reset Edison (by clicking reset button on breakout board or by replugging A-A cable).

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