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What is RoboCORE?

RoboCORE is a cloud-powered device and development platform that is the heart of your new DIY robots for professional or hobby use.

You can now build personal robots from scratch without high programming skills and at an affordable price. RoboCORE gives you the hardware and software to build almost any robot you can imagine. What's more, it’s not dependent on any particular mechanics system, so you can use simple metal constructions, as well as LEGO® bricks.

You can also connect your smartphone or USB camera to RoboCORE in order to unlock some cool telepresence features. RoboCORE is not just a driver, it’s a whole ecosystem. It allows you to create advanced constructions for anyone. Stretch your brain cells, develop the passion and discover the new opportunities. You’ve got your own personal computer, now it’s time for your personal robot. Share our passion for robotics!

See also our Kickstarter campaign page:
RoboCORE: the heart of your personal robot

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